Monday, December 9, 2013

Trying new things!

Here is a before and after photo of Meggie.

This was taken in my room with one umbrella light during the middle of the day. I used to be completely opposed to studio lighting mostly because I didn't feel like learning how to do it but also because I really enjoy shooting during the golden hour. I figured I wouldn't bother with studio lighting if I stuck to photographing in natural light. Now I want to learn and experiment more with studio lighting. This is also a much more extreme edit. I am starting to mess around more in photoshop to see what I can do opposed to simply sticking to what I know. At the same time I am working on getting things right in camera first :)

This is one of the out takes from the Gender Expression project I did with Meggie. I used to think conceptual photos had to be surreal, photoshopped, etc. As much as I love that side of photography/art it is not something that I plan on doing even though I have done it before. I plan on doing more concept shoots like the Gender Expression one :)